Why Eat Raw @ the fuelThefuel green

Through our personal experience we believe raw is the healthiest way to eat. Our bodies need hydrating, nutrient-dense raw Fuel to stay strong. We like to think of it as a new take on soul food and we want to share this health and wellness with you!

The Benefits of
Raw Food

A raw food diets consist of foods such as fresh produce, grain, nuts, and beans that haven’t been heated above a certain temperature to preserve the nutrient loss that can occur through cooking with heat. At the Fuel, we offer fresh menu items that are not only 90% raw and 90% organic, but also animal product and gluten free. It's our goal to help you elevate your vibe, feel happier and healthier, and allow you to live your most authentic life. 

Benefits of raw

"Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food."


Health benefits

Make Better Choices @
the fuelThefuel green

For those who simply want to make a better choice when it comes to fueling up, join us at the Fuel. Our high-vibe eatery is dedicated to making raw, healthy, whole, and seriously yummy food accessible to everyone. By eating at the Fuel, you can try new things in a welcoming environment. Most importantly, you'll find our upbeat team dedicated to the craft of making delicious bowls, salads, zoodles, wraps, juices, and more, with love.

  • The Better Way to Fuel Up

    Raw fruits and leafy greens provide gentle fibers and enzymes to ease digestion, as well as vitamins and minerals that can often be lost through cooking with heat. It's our goal to offer 90% raw and 90% organic meals, snacks, and juices. 

  • Locally Sourced Food

    The health benefits of eating local foods are not only beneficial for our body but the economy as well. We're dedicated to sourcing the best ingredients with a focus on local.

  • Healthy Tastes Amazing

    The benefits of eating raw are incredible. Healthy tastes amazing means putting our personal health first and making a conscious decision to nourish our bodies with wholesome and healthy fuel.

Fueling your body

Fueling Your Body

Our menu of unique raw creations and simple ordering makes fueling your body easier than ever before. Deciding which dish or juice you're going to get might be a challenge, but you can be sure anything you choose will be delicious. You can order your next bite from our high-vibe eatery on-the-go by clicking below. We also offer catering options upon request!